Idaho Falls Regional Airport – Terminal Renovation & Expansion

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The Idaho Falls Airport is planning for future growth by developing plans to meet aviation demand over the next 30 years.

The Idaho Falls Regional Airport will soon get a new look with an 18,000-square-foot expansion. In 2022, IDA marked a significant milestone by catering to more than 628,000 passengers, setting a record. As the airport continues to serve the entire region, the expansion project is essential to ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations on time and attracting more business to the airport. 

The Idaho Falls Airport is a vital entry point to the city, and the objective is to align the airport’s aesthetic appeal with the natural wonders of Idaho, while also providing key upgrades that will greatly enhance the functionality and operational efficiency of the airport.

The project will significantly expand and replace the outbound baggage system and expand the ticketing and central lobby and other spaces for essential airport functions. Construction will also include significant, critical upgrades to the terminal’s mechanical, electrical, communication, and plumbing systems.  


Idaho Falls Regional Airport


Idaho Falls, Idaho


18,000 SF