Siebel Center for Design – University of Illinois

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Where Illinois students collaborate to solve the future’s grand challenges.

The Siebel Center for Design provides a new means of channeling students by creating a passion toward issues and lives of consequence. This new facility will help Illinois become famous as an incubator of outstanding young talent with a new and unusual collection of skills, fostered by a culture of multidisciplinary education and student-led problem discovery and problem solving.

The Siebel Center Experience
Design-ThinkingStudents master design thinking by acquiring skills like problem framing and research, analytical reasoning, ideation and conceptualization, prototyping and communication.
CollaborationAlthough some projects may be individual, most involve collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. These skills are an important component of the experience within and outside the curriculum.
AutonomyStudents have access to resources for self-directed projects, volunteer initiatives, and other ventures. Independence in creating these opportunities and identifying the resources and skills they require is central to the students’ experiences.

Upper Lobby

Siebel Center for Design’s upper lobby is adjacent to Starlight Café, and offers several seating and gathering options. The tall tables and chairs are easily moved together to accommodate larger groups and users have easy access to electrical outlets and USB ports. For smaller groups there are comfortable high-back chairs situated in front of some spectacular east-facing floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sunset Studio

Located on the upper level, the Sunset Studio is available for faculty and classes to use for course instruction, small group meetings, and other collaborative endeavors.

Twilight Studio

The collaboration studio on Siebel Center for Design’s lower level is available to students and campus organizations for use as project and study space, maximizing interaction between groups and students from all majors.

The Shop

The Shop, located on Siebel Center for Design’s lower level, offers 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, a large-format printer, woodworking power tools, a CNC router, a water-jet cutter, storage for materials, and much more. Several types of hand tools and low-fidelity materials are also at students’ disposal.

Garage Space

The “garage”, Siebel Center for Design’s small-but-spacious garage-style collaboration area, is designed to meet the needs of student organizations building big things – like Illini Solar Car‘s latest vehicle, Brizo. Bonus: The garage door opens out onto the Center’s south plaza, just across the way from our friends at Art + Design.


University of Illinois


Champaign, Illinois


70,925 SF


  • Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson