West Springs Church

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Tilt-up features include a curved front facade, an extended wing wall at the secondary entry and two taller panels with a cross carved out along the edge located at the most prominent corner of the building, creating a strong symbolic element.

Clayco provide a new multi-purpose facility for the West Springs Church congregation. The facility was the first church owned structure and unites their offices, classroom space, sanctuary and multipurpose functions. The biggest challenge for the design-build team was to work within a very economical budget and provide for the variety of functions associated with the operation of the church.

The main element of the plan consisted of an 80’ x 80’ high-bay space which was designed to act as the sanctuary but also provides a multi-purpose room for not only basketball but all indoor social events. Surrounding this main element are office and classroom spaces connected by a large commons area which provides a secondary gathering place outside the sanctuary and immediately inside the three entry doors.

Clayco and the tilt-up concrete division provided a modern design by utilizing tilt-up concrete exterior wall panels. In conjunction with a variety of accent features including three colors of glass, an intricate pattern of reveals and some unusual tilt-up forms.

The interior design incorporates the use of both simple, yet elegant materials and painted exposed construction. The symbolism of a new grass-roots congregation is reflected in the simple, straight-forward use of these materials and overall design.

This project represents a side of Clayco that is not apparent at first glance. This small and delicate, yet strong architectural project incoporates tilt-up technology in one of the most creative examples, and clearly is evidence of Clayco’s versatility and sensitivity to design.


West Spring Church


Ballwin, Missouri


21,150 SF


  • Architect: Gray Design


Tilt-Up Concrete Association – 2001 Tilt-Up Achievement Award

Concrete Council of St. Louis – 2000 Quality Concrete Award