Clayco has always believed that artwork can enhance the quality of a project and give it a unique character.

Public art can heighten the image and the value of a project and its income-producing potential. Our clients and their customers enjoy artwork and the identity it gives a building. Some developers feel strongly that works of art increase the value of the property itself and others have found that spending money on public art and cultural amenities can generate as much press as a public relations campaign, garnering more good will in the process. Supporting the arts through private development is a way to give back to the community in return for the ability to build.

Every three months, Clayco also hosts a significant and established artist for our Salon Series. We present the artist’s imaginative work with our employees, friends and clients. The evening encourages discovery and discussion.

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Brandin Hurley – Upshore Chapter Art Installation
Chicago, Illinois
This triptych, created by local artist Brandin Hurley, was created to inspire peace and tranquility for residents.— The piece includes three...
Mauricio Ramirez – A.M. 1980 Mural
Chicago, Illinois
Mauricio Ramirez's goal with the design was to create a dialogue with the community by connecting them with a local...
Liam Gillick Canopy at Centene Plaza
Clayton, Missouri
As sunlight shines down on the glass overhang between the building and the parking garage, the space beneath explodes in...
Maya Lin – Ellen Clark Hope Plaza
St. Louis, Missouri
Organized around a serene pond, the space encourages reflection, provides a respite, and helps people in moments of both grief...
Ned Kahn – Kinetic Veil at UCM
Chicago, Illinois
This viel allows the building’s significant mass to respond to the grander campus scale while also engaging the pedestrian community...
Mickett/Stackhouse – Riversong Mural at Gateway Plaza
Richmond, Virginia
“Riversong” is an original painting renowned artists Robert Stackhouse and Carol Mickett were commissioned to do for the project. — Clayco teamed...
Ned Kahn – Wind Wall at Centene Plaza
Clayton, Missouri
This project is called the Wind Veil, and it’s seven stories tall and about 300 feet wide. — Perhaps the most intriguing...
Mickett/Stackhouse – Clear Passage Sculpture
Richmond, Virginia
The sculpture is a massive and functional glass-and-stainless steel sculpture titled “Clear Passage” that dominates a corner of the lobby...